Valencian Government pioneers use of e-invoicing


On 27 December the law on development of electronic invoicing and creation of the accounts record was approved, which requires Public Administration suppliers and service providers to use Facturae as of January 2015, in the drive to improve management transactions and prevent late payments. However, some autonomous regions, such as the Valencian Community, already carried out reforms to modernize the system and roll out electronic administration some years ago.

In 2010, the Generalitat Valenciana (GVA) rolled out the Ge-Factura system that is becoming one of the pioneering communities in the rollout of electronic billing. This initiative, developed using EDICOM’s EDI Portals technology, automatically integrates invoices from suppliers into the internal information system. This is a scalable solution, to which all the Community’s administrations, agencies and public enterprises can subscribe. Moreover, the platform is adapted to the requirements of the current law promoting electronic invoicing.

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