Government aims to revive past initiatives to encourage use of Electronic Invoicing in Spain


Following today’s Council of Ministers, Spain’s Vice President Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría announced that in the next few days the Government will approve the draft bill on Electronic Invoicing and creation of the Accounting Record.

This initiative is framed within the recommendations set forth in the Commission for the Reform of Public Administration (CORA) report, and is part of the package of measures being promoted to encourage savings and efficiency measures in the Spanish administration.

Fostering electronic billing in particular has a twofold objective within this package of initiatives: On one hand, to protect the supplier or service provider, since the system provides better guarantees of delivery and payment transactions, and on the other, “to roll out information and communications technologies” in order to boost “the productivity and competitive edge of the Spanish economy”, as outlined in the report.

Prior to publication of the draft Bill, two of its principal guidelines have already been announced:

  • Mandatory use of electronic billing as of January 15, 2015 in invoices for sums over 5000€
  • Obligatory use in “companies providing services of special financial importance”

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