Countdown commences to Facturae rollout



The countdown to implementing electronic invoicing in the Public Sector in Spain has already begun. Within only six months, from January 15 next year, the use of electronic invoicing will become mandatory for the Administration and its suppliers in their business activities. This term is shortened in the Generalitat Valenciana, where the system known as Ge-Factura will be mandatory within just a few weeks: as of July 1.

The measure has become one of the key parts of the Public Administration Reform. To this end, the majority of autonomous communities are currently developing the technology infrastructure needed to roll out electronic invoicing. Indeed, some such as Galicia, Murcia, Catalonia or the Valencian Community, already have electronic invoice reception platforms in operation. In the case of this latter region, the technological solution developed by EDICOM has been up and running since 2008. This is what enabled the Generalitat to become a pioneer in the rollout of Facturae.

Over these months, suppliers and service providers to the Administration must also get ready to meet the requirements of the Law 25/2013. The switchover to e-billing will result in a process of technological modernization in the admin departments of businesses. The rollout of this system involves total automation of procedures, which increases productivity. Moreover, electronic invoicing is an open door to e-commerce.

This initiative should minimize payment delays and defaults between the Public Sector and its suppliers, as all the stages the bill goes through will be recorded and can easily be checked. But beyond this, significant economic benefits are expected. According to government estimates, the savings due to the introduction of Facturae could amount to 51 million euros annually in the General State Administration. These benefits will also be noted in companies, as the costs of paper, printing and sending are taken out of the loop.