VAT books Safekeeping

EDICOMSii uses the Long-Term Storage Service covered by the European certification that grants EDICOM the rank of "Qualified Trust Service Provider".

This way, both the VAT books declared and the status messages issued by the tax agency, or the records of changes and cancellations, are securely guarded as electronic files.

Custody of the documents exchanged with the AEAT in the Immediate Information Sharing framework is secured in a datacentre endorsed by the most demanding information security certificates (ISO 27001, ISAE3402, TIER II). Moreover, the service is provided by "Trusted Third Party EDICOM" in accordance with European regulation 910/2014, granting the stored VAT books probative status, for use as evidence whenever required by third parties.

Additionally, the EDICOMSii qualified safekeeping service implements an evidentiary logbook system for querying and managing details of each of the entries declared to the Tax Agency. To do this, it automates the tagging of documents held by assigning a set of metadata that enable their classification and identification. With this procedure, it is possible to prioritize and relate all documents exchanged with the AEAT, providing a replica of the VAT books managed by the Treasury.

This system affords a comparison between the VAT declared to the tax agency and that managed internally in companies, for the pertinent scrutiny and analysis of entries causing possible mismatches.

EDICOMSii solution benefits

  • EDICOM is a Qualified Trust Service Provider in accordance with European Regulation 910/2014
  • Service availability assured by contract compliance through our SLA (Service Level Agreement).
  • Offers a user experience-oriented interface for corporate admin and accounting departments.
  • Knowing the current status of your record books submitted to the AEAT.
  • Connectivity with the AEAT electronic office.
  • Custody of entries and notifications exchanged with the AEAT, granting them status as electronic originals with probative value before third parties.
  • Greater security and control in transactions with the AEAT.
  • The only service provider in the market qualified as Certification Authority with a frame of application in the European scope.
  • Can extend the qualified safekeeping service to other projects by extending the user licences.
  • The deadline for submission of the information is extended to 8 days when bills are issued by an authorized third party like EDICOM.
  • Secure, long-term storage regulated under the aegis of European Regulation 910/2014 on electronic identification.
  • Report generation system in the event of self-assessment discrepancy.
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