AEAT Connectivity

One of the critical points of the Immediate Information Sharing - SII system is in compliance with the tight deadlines for delivery of information set by the AEAT. Meeting these demands means keeping an eye on several critical aspects such as connection to the Tax Agency electronic office, which may be implemented directly by companies through the configuration of web services enabled by the AEAT.

It can also be done through the EDICOM Public Administration HUB. A powerful platform to link up securely and directly with any Public Administration (such as the AEAT), setting up a mailbox on our network to save you having to configure and monitor complex web services connectors.

Immediate Information Sharing - SII presents a two-way communication flow based on the exchange of different XML messages that allow everything from modification of VAT books to receipt of messages reporting on book status (full acceptance, partial acceptance or total rejection). In this scenario, it is crucial to have a solution such as EDICOMSii that enables a fluid connection and guarantees both delivery and uninterrupted receipt of the data.

EDICOMSii solution benefits

  • With our P. Admin HUB, you are assured connectivity with any public organization in other B2G projects.
  • Service availability assured by contract compliance through our SLA (Service Level Agreement).
  • The solution can incorporate added value services such as the EDI B2B Portal, which enables your entire community of suppliers without a technological solution to issue their invoices electronically for subsequent integration with your accounting portal.
  • It lets you work from your company's internal management system.
  • Knowing the current status of your record books submitted to the AEAT.
  • Connectivity with the AEAT electronic office.
  • Custody of entries and notifications exchanged with the AEAT, granting them status as electronic originals with probative value before third parties.
  • Greater security and control in transactions with the AEAT.
  • EDICOM is a Qualified Trust Service Provider in accordance with European Regulation 910/2014
  • The deadline for submission of the information is extended to 8 days when bills are issued by an authorized third party such as EDICOM.
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