Public Administration receives almost 5 million e-invoices

Facturae compulsory for e-Commerce

From January to October, 4,630,681 e-invoices were submitted via FACe, the general point of entry to the Administration. These data from the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration (MINHAP) evidence gradual consolidation of this technology in Spanish companies.

The figures are corroborated by those released by the EDICOM Permanent e-Invoicing Observatory. According to this analysis, the platform run by EDICOM, one of the main e-billing service providers in Europe, handled 2287463 e-invoices issued to the different Spanish administrations. The figure includes bills submitted via the FACe entry point (general point of entry for e-invoicing managed by the General State Administration), as well as those received through entry points created ad-hoc by some administrations.

“Spanish legislation allows public administrations to manage their bills through FACe or create their own points of entry. Both options are possible and, in many cases, complementary,” explains Miguel Soler, EDICOM Facturae platform Product Manager. In fact, of all the e-invoices that have been issued through EDICOM’s Facturae platform, 45% were forwarded to own points. The rest account for 30% of all documents registered by FACe in this period.

After the General State Administration, the entry point that receives most e-invoices is that of the Catalan autonomous community, representing 10.6% of all documents issued by the EDICOM Public Administration HUB. The entry point of the Andalusian Regional Government (9.1%) takes second place, followed by those of the Xunta de Galicia (8.8%) and the Basque Country Health Service, Osakidetza (7.6%).

Ongoing development

Remember that as of last January 15, Public Sector suppliers and service providers are required to use this mandatory technology in their business relations with the Administration. In this sense, the reports from the EDICOM Permanent e-Invoicing Observatory and MINHAP both point to progressive growth in the first months of the year. “The EDICOM platform data show that the number of invoices more than tripled between February and October, an ongoing uptrend that was also observed by the FACe”, adds Miguel Soler.

evolución facturae en 2015

Operational advantages

The introduction of e-invoicing in the Spanish public sector responds to a global trend towards digital management. “Many countries around the world are rolling out this technology due not only to the reduction of economic costs, but also its working benefits”, says Miguel Soler from EDICOM.

The government estimates that businesses are saving 0,70 euros on each invoice since they began using electronic channels. Moreover, the General State Administration is expected to benefit annually by more than 50 million euros. But beyond economic aspects, e-invoicing makes complying with tax obligations simpler, with shorter turnaround times and other added benefits, such as the possibility of checking the status of your invoices at any time.