Facturae map

Facturae map is a technical adaptation service developed by EDICOM for those companies that already have an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) or electronic billing solution, but are not ready to issue electronic invoices in line with the requirements of Law 25/2013.

This service lets you transform the electronic invoices generated by the client solution into the Facturae standard demanded by the Administration. The source language used (txt, csv, idoc, etc.) is not important, since our data transformation tool, “Edicom mapping Tool”, enables you to manage multiple data structures,"Edicom mapping Tool"enables you to manage multiple data structures, and specifically automatic translation into the Facturae version 3.2 required by Law 25/2013.

Additionally, with Facturae map communications are integrated with the usual ERP or management system, streamlining the daily tasks for Admin and Accounting Departments.

¿Qué ventajas tiene esta solución?

  • Integrating the invoice issuing processes from your ERP.
  • Compliance with Law 25/2013, with no need to change your customary EDI solution.
  • Connectivity with any Public Administration.
  • Automation of the process.
  • Enhanced security.
  • Reduced delinquency. The supplier knows the situation of their invoices at any time.
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