EDICOM Analytics

EDICOM Analytics is a statistical analysis tool exclusively designed for the healthcare industry.

Based on the unified processing of billing data coming from the different entry points of public bodies, EDICOM Analytics delivers suppliers a detailed analysis of the payment behaviour of any administration.

The application provides different segmented query possibilities, providing information of indubitable added value, such as the average payment time per administrative centre, or for territorial groupings such as provincial bodies, autonomous regions or local authorities.

EDICOM is the only supplier able to provide information of value to suppliers, as our figures are based on a truly representative sample of processed invoices. More than 50% of invoices received by the Administration are managed by EDICOM. This figure covers 80% of invoices process in the healthcare area.

What functions does the tool provide?

  • Average status time:The supplier environment displays statistical information on the average time of each stage an invoice goes through when issued to an administration (registered, entered in accounts, accepted and settled).
  • Personalized analysis:La herramienta, compara los valores promedio de los estados de las facturas emitidas por el proveedor, con los promedios globales de cada administración con la que conecta.
  • Amounts pending: The tool provides reliable information on the amounts pending payment to the supplier, distinguished by the stage each invoice is in (number of invoices and amounts).
  • Payments forecast:The solution can assess the income forecast through time, depending on the state of the debt pending liquidation and the payment behaviour of the debtor administrations.
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