Implementing Facturae

La Rioja

The government of La Rioja has a system for receiving electronic invoices from administration suppliers. The application, available since January 1, 2104, makes invoice sending, correction, querying and tracking easier for suppliers. These tasks can be performed manually once the vendor is registered with the portal, or integrated and automatically for those providers with their own e-billing technology solution.

The Facturae platform of the La Rioja region uses a mixed connectivity mechanism. In other words, it allows users to send invoices, both via its own entry point (PGEFe) , and through the invoice reception point of the General State Administration, better known as FACe.


The EDICOM Public Administrations HUB lets suppliers issue electronic billing with the administrations and public services in the Andalusian Regional Government, accessed via the Single Entry Point for Electronic Invoices of the Andalusian Regional Government (PUEF), or through FACe.


Platform operational.

Facturae version:



Electronic billing portal

Receiving department Code List

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