Castilla-La Mancha Regional Government platform enhances its communications


La plataforma Facturae de La Comunidad Autónoma de Castilla la Mancha enables a mixed connectivity mechanism. In other words, it allows users to send invoices, both via its own entry point (PGEFe), and through the invoice reception point of the General State Administration, better known as FACe.

To make the connection with its own entry point, it deploys a Web Service. With the improvements implemented in this service, suppliers that have an e-invoicing system or solution can make the necessary queries via the regional government system to find out the processing status of their e-invoices. With this latest development, it is also possible to integrate these status updates directly with the supplier company’s internal management or accounting system.

So, the interaction is now complete, as you can transfer the invoice data and receive the different status messages such as registered, registered in RCF, accounted, paid, rejected and cancelled, through the same direct and secure communication channel.

El HUB de Administraciones Públicas de EDICOM has already incorporated this new service development in its communication system, so from now on all clients and users of an EDICOM Facturae solution that need to connect to any Public Administration of Castilla-La Mancha will be able to integrate the invoice status response messages directly with their ERP or accounting management system.