Electronic invoicing law approved in Spain


On 27th of December, Congress gave the go-ahead to the law promoting electronic invoicing and creation of the accounting record for invoices in the Public Sector. The changes set forth in this initiative have already begun to take effect for the Administration which, as of 1 January, must have an accounting record of invoices, whose managers must submit the information on invoices received to the Tax Authority. The aim of this measure is to achieve a more immediate knowledge of the economic reality, in order to draw up budgets in line with it.

Under the new law, the so-called “Facturae” will become mandatory within a one-year period (as of January 15, 2015) for invoices whose value exceeds EUR 5000. Suppliers and service providers must submit their invoices and carry out all their transactions with the accounts departments of the Administrations electronically, so that a record is kept of the delivery date. This will meanfewer late payments, because if the 30-day maximum payment period laid down by Brussels is exceeded, the Public Sector must pay the corresponding interests to the supplier.

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