Autonomous Communities opt for electronic billing


The Electronic invoice as the key document in public and private B2B relations in Spain is closer each day to becoming a reality.

The measures of the draft Bill on electronic invoicing and creation of the accounting record, presented last July in the Official State Gazette, should come into force as of 2014. According to government forecasts, rollout of the so-called Facturae should mean an annual profit for the Central Government of 51 million euros.

However, initiatives to promote electronic invoicing in the public sector are not only underway at state level. Local Authorities andAutonomous Communities are also making considerable efforts to adapt to a paper-free administration. In fact, just a few days ago the press reported the increasing number of invoices received in digital form by Pamplona City Hall so far this year. Since January, e-billing has increased by 58 points, meaning a leap from 27% to 85%.

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