E-billing with Generalitat Valenciana to be mandatory as of 1 July

Electronic invoicing with the public administration becomes mandatory in the Generalitat Valenciana six month earlier than in the rest of Spain, as of July 1st. As of this date, all suppliers (legal persons) of goods and services must use electronic billing in their commercial relations with the Regional Government and its autonomous bodies. This is stipulated in the third additional provision of Law 5/2013, published in the Diari Oficial de la Comunitat Valenciana at the end of last year.

However, in the rest of the country public sector providers will not be required to use e-invoicing until January 1, 2015. This is the legal deadline laid down in state law for implementation of the so-called Facturae, whose annual profit is estimated at 51 million euros.

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La factura electrónica con la Generalitat Valenciana será obligatoria a partir del 1 de julio

La factura electrónica con la Administración Pública será obligatoria en la Generalitat Valenciana seis meses antes que en el conjunto España, es decir a partir del próximo 1 de julio. Desde esa fecha, todos los proveedores (personas jurídicas) de bienes y servicios deberán emplear la factura electrónica en sus relaciones comerciales con la Generalitat y sus entidades autónomas. Así lo establece la disposición adicional tercera de la Ley 5/2013, publicada en el Diari Oficial de la Comunitat Valenciana a finales del pasado año.

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